Thermal Power Stations

XPlate® Technology has been tested at several live power plants in Russia, Ukraine, Botswana and Korea to improve the energy efficiency by monitoring energy consumption, power plant performance and electricity output (MW).

In 2010, XPlate® tested at Mechel Power Station in Kaltan city in Siberia Russia at a coal-fired boiler 50 MW. A specific steam production with XPlate® installation indicated positive impacts on temperature and saved coal consumption by 6%.


In 2010, XPlate® tested at a 50 MW boiler at Vorkuta Power Station of IES Holding Inc. in Russia. This factory was located above the Arctic Circle where very cold climate average of -35°C and oxygen content in air was less than that in Europe. The positive trend of inlet air reduction was confirmed by the ability in reduced inlet air pressure.


In 2011, XPlate® tested at a 33 MW coal-fired boiler power station at Morupule A Botswana Power Station (BPC) in Palapye, Botswana. Flue gas temperature increased with a very positive trend of coal saving.


In 2011, XPlate® tested at a coal-fired boiler 190 MW in Lugansk power station in Ukraine. Test was conducted at different loads and the average boiler efficiency increased by 1.1% based on the indirect method.


In 2012, XPlate® has been installed at an HFO boiler 360 MW at Pyeongtek power plant in Korea. Long term installation (about 4 years) showed no adverse effects on boiler and its operations.


In 2012 – 2013, XPlate® tested at a CFB boiler 200 MW at Donghae power plant (Korea East – West Power Co., Ltd., EWP) in Korea. Boiler efficiency increased 0.44% and coal saving 2.62% by indirect method and direct method, respectively.

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