Gasoline Engines

MXT9® significantly improves gasoline combustion in motorcycles. Several tests have been conducted and found fuel saving 10% – 20% by average.

Certificate of Demonstrate on the Implementation of Fuel Efficiency Project for Additive Fuel MXT9®

MXT9® in Thailand

MXT9® in Laos

MXT9® in Vietnam


The improvement benefits of MXT9® on gasoline combustion have been demonstrated on a dyno test of gasoline combustion motorcycle to determine the power and torque produced from engine. The ratio MXT9® : gasoline of 1 : 10,000 was introduced; within 5 minutes after addition the computer analysis showed significant increased power (hp) and torque with MXT9® additive.

Very good for old engines

Standard Motorcycle DYNO Test
Equipment by Dynojet Research Inc., USA