MXT9® Concept

MXT9® concept is simple. It breaks the molecular clusters of liquid fuels into smaller sizes and single molecules.

When fuel molecules flow inside the pipe, they naturally move, interact, or hit each other between the atoms of a molecule with the other atoms of the other molecule causing the attractive and repulsive forces to occur. These forces are known as intermolecular forces that cause the molecules to adhere together and form molecular clusters. Once these clusters enter into the engine or combustion, their cluster sizes become big and difficult for complete combustion.


MXT9® introduces the molecular organic neutralization inducers to balance these forces of molecular interactions. It separates big fuel clusters into small single molecules that will further react immediately with oxygen in combustion and results in significant fuel savings and reduces harmful emissions.


MXT9® is SAFE for Engines

MXT9® separates fuel clusters into single molecules improving combustion efficiency and left less carbon deposit on pistons.


A demo of a diesel truck engine after using MXT9® for 1 year. Very less unburnt black particles were seen on top of cylinders and able to use finger or cloth to clean it.