Oxygen Converters

XPlate® technology was performed at the Basic Oxygen Steelmaking (BOS) process which the carbon-rich molten pig iron is made to steel. The pure oxygen is injected at supersonic speed into molten pig iron to lower the carbon content and changes it to low-carbon steel. The benefit of XPlate® technology is to separate the large size oxygen clusters into smaller single molecules and let them diffuse easier into carbon surface and react. Less tendency of oxygen will meet iron and thus less FeO will form in slag. Non-disclosed large companies in Europe proved and found a molten liquid yield increase more than 0.5%.


Smelting Furnaces

Smelting furnaces are used to produce a base metal from its ore such as silver, iron, and copper.  The influence of XPlate® technology on technical indicators of copper matte at an Ausmelt copper smelting furnace was carried by Karabashmed JSC in Russia.  Statistics were taken and achieved the target in process parameters.

  • Output matte increased by 1.1%.
  • Copper in slag reduced by 2%.
  • Air flow reduced by 0.35%.