Moving forward

      to ISO 9001:2015

Registered Exporter

      of Thailand


  • Combustion Technologies for Fuel Savings and Environment

Moving forward

      to ISO 9001:2015

Registered Exporter

      of Thailand



We provide technologies
      for fuel savings and environment.


We help reduce your fuel consumption.

We make your projects possible
      with short return on investment (ROI).


Earth temperature is increasing.

We work to reduce greenhouse effects.


For future of our next generations,

we dedicate to global warming issues.

Welcome to QE Website

QE Energy International Co., Ltd. is a company dedicating to fuel savings and reduce greenhouse gases pollution. We have our own technology products for fuel combustion used in thermal power stations, industrial boilers, cement, ceramic, gasification, steel furnaces and oxygen converter, and liquid fuels like gasoline, diesel / biodiesel and fuel oil.

Our Vision:

To be recognized as the world leading player in fuel saving and greenhouse emission reduction technology

Our Mission:

To provide considerable fuel savings and reduce greenhouse emission worldwide

What we do:

Solution Power Stations

Thermal Power Stations

For fuel savings and reduce CO2, NOx

Improve Coal or Gas Combustion for Energy Saving


Energy savings for NG, LPG, HFO, coal boilers

IMPROVE COAL COMBUSTION Energy Saving for Cement Rotary Kiln Plants

Cement Plants

Reduce Kcal/KgCk for cement plants

Ceramics - Reduce Kcal / m2 production

Ceramics Plants

Reduce energy consumption for ceramic kilns

Improve Oxygen Reactivity for Coal Saving


Enhance chemical reactions for coal savings

Improve Oxygen Reactivity, Reduce Iron oxide in slag

Oxygen Converters & Smelting Furnaces

Increase O2 reactivities to reduce FeO in slag


Gasoline Improvement

Fuel additive to increase power (hp), torque (ft-lbs) and save gasoline


Diesel / Biodiesel Improvement

For more power (hp), fuel savings and eliminate black smoke


HFO Engine Improvement

To reduce HFO consumption for HFO engines


HFO boilers

Reduce specific HFO consumption (L/T) for boilers

Fuel oil improvement

HFO Furnaces

Reduce specific HFO consumption (L/T) for steel and galvanizing furnaces

We are determined to benefit our clients into methods of fuel saving and reduce emissions using our own technology solutions.


We’re always interested in new projects, big or small. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your project.

If you want to contact us about any issue please send us an e-mail.